The Heeling Shepherd's Pack Walk - Every Saturday

9am to 10am in Downtown Zeeland

Come join us for The Heeling Shepherd's weekly pack walk!

We will meet each Saturday at 9AM near the Zeeland City Hall in downtown Zeeland. Whether you've trained with us before, are looking to do some training in the future, or just want to get out with your dog, pack walks are a great way to get your dog exercise, socialization, and a leg up on those training skills.

Before you pack up your dog and head out the door, keep in mind:

  • Give other dog guests space during the walk
  • Keep Fido on a 4-6 ft leash during the walk. ABSOLUTELY NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES
  • The walk will be about 45 minutes throughout Zeeland's downtown area and we will walk at a casual pace.
  • One dog per adult is permitted. Children are welcome but must stick with their adults.

Why pack walks are awesome:

Pack walks are an exciting twist on your dog's daily walk. Dogs are social creatures and pack walks satisfy their primal needs to be within a pack, but in a way that is safer than just letting everyone out into a field to hash it out. Pack walks are structured and mentally challenging for dogs, and your pup is sure to take a good nap afterward (money back guarantee!).